Dec. 11? Already?

Where does the time go?  I feel like just yesterday it was new years 2009 and now we are getting close to welcoming in 2010.  Crazy crazy!

It feels so weird today not having class or anything to do.  I really don’t know how to handle all this free time!

Last night was fun, I made a mix of whole wheat and spinach penne and paired it with a leftover tomato sauce I had made about a month ago and froze.  It was still good luckily and it included about 1/2 jar of Newman’s marinara sauce, a can of diced tomatos, garlic, ground turkey and mushrooms.  I added a mix of shredded colby and parmesan cheeses on top as well.  On the side I just had a small iceberg lettuce salad with Trader Joe’s Poppyseed dressing.

I don’t have any pictures because I don’t feel comfortable whipping out my camera to take pictures when others are around yet and I may not ever be okay with it, but we will see!

Christmas lights were pretty last night, but I was surprised that there weren’t more up!  Maybe with the economy it is too expensive to pay extra on electric this year?  Who knows, but it was kind of sad!

There was none of this:

or this:

or even this, unfortunately:

BUT while we were driving, we were lucky enough to be over by the zoo and we could see some of the light without spending $25 and freezing to death!

It was really cool to see it because I wrote a story about it for my school’s newspaper about a month ago so it was pretty special to me!

After driving around for literally two hours, we stopped at Graeter’s Ice Cream ( and split two scoops.  Even though it was freezing, I still needed some ice cream, get used to it ;-)

Their ice cream is so good yet so bad for you yet so worth it!!!

We had one scoop of the cookie dough:

Graeter’s Cookie Dough made from scratch tastes great.
Add it to French Pot Ice Cream with dark chocolate chips
and it tastes even better!

And one scoop of the buckeye blitz:

Our premium chocolate ice cream that has been fortified
with our creamy peanut butter flavor and loaded with
peanut butter cookie dough pieces and our signature
chocolate chips.

We then watched some tv.. I was disappointed that Grey’s was a re-run but I was excited to watch real housewives of OC strictly because I love Gretchen!  She is too cute, and she may or may not be a little “free” (if you catch my drift) but she is just too cute and she can always find something fun in every situation!

love love!!

Okay MOVING on :-)

Breakfast was an egg on an everything bagel from Bruegger’s Bagels, brought to me by my boyfriend :-) Seriously, in love with him!  The boy and I have been together since my sophomore year of high school and we have had ups and downs, but have made it through!

We took this picture at the apple orchard that he took me to for sweetest day :-)

Anywho, now I just ate lunch (same oatmeal as yesterday morning, boring? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely, plus it is an easy way to get my amazing grass in.

Well, I am off to pack because I am heading home for winter break tomorrow and then a little elliptical work out!  My older brother is coming to visit tonight so we may do a little bar hopping tonight :-)

Enjoy your friday!!


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If at First you Don’t Succeed…

…Try, try again!!  Yep, I can connect this motto to all aspects of my life, including blogging!  I think I only lasted three days my first try at being a healthy living blogger and it didn’t go over well.  I had too much to do with school and quite frankly, blogging became annoying, a burden, everything it wasn’t supposed to be!  I have thought about it for a while and I have come to realize that I wasn’t being myself!  I have read blogs for almost a year now and was jealous of what everyone else was doing and how amazing their blogs looked, and that’s when I realized that I started it for all the wrong reasons!  I wanted my blog to look like others’, but in reality I want it to be my own personal space where I can strictly be myself!  SO, I have decided now that fall quarter is over that I am going to give it another shot.  I may succeed, or I may fail, either way I am going to try again and do it my way!  I won’t have any rules and I won’t follow any guidelines, I am just going to be myself!  People may read it, or they may not, but that is okay with me because I am going to make it my own.  I definitely won’t post after every meal, I won’t take pictures of everything I eat and I probably won’t even post everyday BUT that is okay with me!  Life gets in the way and I am more than happy to get caught up in it and truly live!!  I am a perfectionist in ALL aspects of my life and it is really something I struggle with, but this blog is all about me and my quest of being the happiest person I can.  Time to let my hair down and just relax :-)

Whoo!! So now that I got that off of my chest, I can get started!

This morning I had to take my Crime and the News Media final at 9:30 so I set my alarm for 7:30, but unfortunately I did not get up ’til 7:45, meaning that I was in a rush!  Luckily, I anticipated this happening the night before so I laid out all of clothes the night before (It was 22 degrees here this morning so we are talking TONS of layers) and had gotten most of my breakfast prepped as well.  

Last night I added 1/4 cup soy milk, 1/4 cup skim milk, and 1/2 cup H2O in a bowl with 1/2 cup quaker oats and let it all soak together overnight in the refrigerator.  This morning I microwaved it for 1 minute 25 seconds, then stirred in 1 scoop amazing grass (more on my obsession with this in another post) and 1 tbsp. cocoa powder.  Continue microwaving for another 1 minute, watching carefully to prevent spillage!!  When it was done, I took it out and stirred and squeezed have a packet of Justin’s honey peanut butter over the top with 1 tbsp. gingersnap granola from Whole Foods’ bulk foods bin.


Yum Yum Yum!  Hot and delicious, just what I needed on such a frigid morning!  That granola is amazing by the way, my other favorite from Whole Foods is the vanilla macaroon but that is for another time!

After that I layered up until I could barely move!  Seriously, we are talking:  uggs, socks, work out shorts, work out top, sweatpants, sweatshirt, north face jacket, gloves, scarf and one of those ear-muff headbands!!  No kidding, I even wrapped the scarf around my face and got a few stares from passerbys, but I don’t care!  It was freezing, we are talking Jack Frost going out of his way to nip at my nose! haha

ANYWAYS…from there I headed to take my final (which I got an A on!!! and trust me, that NEVER happens, I am not a 4.0 student if you know what I mean. :-( I wish I was, but I try real hard at least!)  After killing the test, I headed over to one of the literally 10 gyms on my college campus (no lie) and worked out for a while.  With how cold it was outside, it felt great to work up a sweat!  I was on the treadmill for an hour, ran for about 45 minutes and walked the last 15.  I did 4.25 miles in 45 minutes and the extra .75 in the last 15 minutes bringing my total to 5 miles.  After that I did weights and stretched for a 1/2 an hour and then headed over to Barnes and Noble to get a couple trashy magazines = love.  No judging, finals are over now so I was a good girl and waited to buy them!  While waiting on my boyfriend to meet me for lunch, I sat down and read People’s style edition for Dec. and drank a tall caramel apple tea from the Starbucks store in the Barnes and Noble.  It was really good, which is surprising since I used to hate hot tea, but I have been on a kick lately.

After my boyfriend, who is so adorable that I can’t even be mad at him for being 10 minutes late, finally arrived I was starving for lunch!  I let him choose between two restaurants, and he went with Mark Pi’s, which I was really excited about because I have been wanting to try it.  I decided on the broccoli chicken with brown rice.  It was really good!  It had garlic soy sauce, broccoli, mushrooms and carrot slices, according to  I had to add some extra soy sauce on top and it was delicious.  I ate about 1/2 and boxed up the rest for lunch tomorrow before I go home for winter break!  This is what the leftover half looks like:

I needed my afternoon pick me up at about 3 so I made an “egg nog coffee.”  Those are my words, so don’t judge haha.  Basically all that’s in it is 1/3 cup light egg nog and then about 8 oz. coffee.  Today I used Chocolate Peppermint coffee from Harry and David’s and I really like it a lot.  It isn’t too strong and it has a nice peppermint flavor that kicks in at the end.

I microwave the egg nog til it is nice and hot, then I froth that and pour the coffee in.  What you get is a warm pick me up and you get to enjoy the holiday flavor of egg nog without having to ask for larger jeans for Christmas!

I need a better way to take pictures of drinks, BUT you can kind of see the foam:

This is the egg nog I use, I bought it at Whole Foods yesterday and I really like it.  A perfect pairing with the coffee:


Well, I am off to make some dinner for me and the boyfriend and then going to see Christmas lights!  Followed by some reality tv garbage, Real Housewives of Orange County, oh how I love it!!

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A Full Day of Posts


I did it! I accomplished my goal of documenting a full days eats!

Snack:  I had a homemade, sugar free chai tea latte to hold me over until dinner.  I use a 1/2 cup of skim milk and a 1/2 cup of the sugar free chai tea latte concentrate.  This is the brand I use:

It is actually really good and is cheaper than buying a $4 cup from Starbucks every day!

My chai tea latte

My chai tea latte

Dinner may not look the best but it sure tasted good:


I sauteed black beans in a little extra virgin olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic, added some salsa, taco seasoning and spinach. The tortilla is a whole wheat 365 brand from Whole Foods.

My dessert was a smoothie of just a cup of orange juice, 5 blackberries and 10 ice cubes


 Tomorrow is class all day, boo! Hopefully the sun shines as much as it did today though :-)

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Slowly But Surely..


..I am improving!  I have two meals already documented today :-)

Breakfast was the usual smoothie of skim milk, peanut butter, banana, and amazing grass.  I also had a slice of the muesli toast with some more apple butter.  A perfect meal to start my day and to give me power to get through 35 minutes on the elliptical while watching the today show and some news.

Does anyone have any advice for taking pictures in the early morning when there is little sun?  I try to take mine using only natural light now because the hallogen light seems to make my pictures a little yellow.

Sorry about the bite out of the toast too, I said I was improving NOT perfecting :-)

The smoothie is in my new blender bottle I got on sale at Kroger for $4.99...I think those puppies run for about $9 at Whole Foods?? Whoo hoo I love a sale!


Lunch was something new and yummy and yes I know it is highly processed but I think everything in moderation works best for me.
I had a Spinach and Artichoke Lean Pocket with cheddar sun chips and some leftover baby corns and baked eggplant from Saturday.
The Lean Pocket had a good taste, but seriously lacked in toppings.  It was mainly cheese and barely had any artichoke at all!  And the only spinach may have been one lonely leaf that was torn into many pieces?  It tasted pretty good but I won’t be buying it again, although I still have one more so you may be seeing it soon.
This picture is almost half way decent...all it takes is a little sunlight :-)

This picture is almost half way decent…all it takes is a little sunlight :-)

And here is me trying to be creative!!



Hope these are starting to get better :-)

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Practice Makes Perfect

Sorry I am m.i.a.!  I need to continue to work on my blogging skills, aka stop remembering to take a picture AFTER the food is gone!

Anways…here is the menu on my wonderful Sunday:


a cup of lowfat chocolate milk with a scoop of amazing grass and a piece of “muesli” bread with apple butter that I got at an Amish bakery.  They are both delicious and homemade!  The restaurant it called Der Dutchmen and it has been a family favorite for basically my whole life!  There is an adorable store connected to the restaurant where I got the bread, which contains whole grains, walnuts and raisins, and the homemade no sugar added apple butter.  It is definitely the best apple butter I have ever had!  It is a much thinner consistency then store bought and you can really tast the sweetness of the apples along with the spice of the cinnamon.

The Breakfast looked kind of like this:


haha I can dream that my camera can take pictures like that and that I have that sort of decorative eye right?! ;-)

After breakfast I went to the huge whole foods with my boyfriend, our sort of Sunday morning ritual!  I know I am like 80 but nothing makes me happier than grocery shopping with my man :-) haha  I am on a college student budget and was able to stay under my $50 a week budget by $10 this time! I was so proud!


I was able to swipe a nice piece of steak from my parents house this weekend and made a nice salad using leftover lettuce from the tailgating party as well..I love leftovers from home!  The salad was made up of just iceberg, celery, shredded carrots, a few croutons from yesterday, about 4 oz. of steak and about 2 tbsp of Marzetti All Natural Light Ranch..So Delicious!


I had a plum that I got from my parents house as well (a Sam’s club purchase of plenty so my mom was giving these suckers away)!  I also had a homemade chai tea latte by using about 1/2 cup skim milk and 1/2 cup sugar free chai tea concentrate.  It was really good surprisingly and tasted very similar to Starbucks, only about $3 cheaper…which makes it taste even better?!


I didn’t feel like cooking tonight so dinner was pretty boring.  It consisted of about a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios, 1/2 cup Maple and Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats, skim milk and 1 banana.  I also had a very small slice of wheat bread with a tad bit of Brummel and Brown.  Boring but did the job, my tummy was nice and happy :-)

This was similar to the cereal mix, but imagine them in the same bowl!! mixed!!! with milk!!!!


Banana! What?  Your banana isn’t this cute and doesn’t look smile back at you?!


Luckily my boring dinner powered me through a 3.25 mile run on the treadmill while watching the Jets/Bills game…talk about nail biter!  In my apartment we have a nice gym with televisions connected to each piece of equipment.  It is really nice and helps me to keep my mind off of my huffing and puffing :-)

Well tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will remember to take pictures and not have to google my meals anymore!  I probably won’t document every meal in pictures, I may have to pick and choose the best ones for public viewing :-)

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Sad day for the Bucks

Today has been bitter sweet, eating great food and hanging out with the family and my Buckeyes losing :-(  Ughh..not a happy camper! But anyways..on to the eats:

Breakfast was super simple..

Thomas's Whole Grain English Muffins with a little butter and cinnamon sugar

Thomas's Whole Grain English Muffins with a little butter and cinnamon sugar

My mom and I went to Kroger about 10:30 to get some ingredients to make some food for the football games, we each treated ourselves to a tall vanilla bean blended creme from Starbucks…my favorite special drink from there!
I remembered to take a picture half way through!

I remembered to take a picture half way through!

For a late lunch, my mom and I decided to go with an Italian theme..random for tailgating? yes.  Delicious? Oh yeh!
homemade lasagna
homemade lasagna
baked eggplant

baked eggplant

My plate, with salad, garlic bread, a piece of lasagna and baked eggplant with some extra lasagna sauce

My plate, with salad, garlic bread, a piece of lasagna and baked eggplant with some extra lasagna sauce

Fun day of food, fun day with family :-)

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It’s harder than it looks

This post is going to be super quick because it is bedtime for this girl!  But one thing that I have learned today is that blogging is harder than you would think!  I had a great lunch:

a mix of whole wheat and spinach rigatoni with my version of tomato sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top

a mix of whole wheat and spinach rigatoni with my version of tomato sauce and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top

So good and hot you can still see the steam from the heat!  My tomato sauce was just one diced tomato sauteed in a small pot with extra virgin olive oil and 2 cloves of garlic…perfection!
On the side I had a whole sliced cucumber with Marzetti All Natural Light Ranch as my dip of choice.
All together now..carbs will be a continuous item :-)

All together now..carbs will be a continuous item :-)

And that’s when it all went down..I just couldn’t remember to take pictures!!  I had dinner at my parent’s house tonight so I was lucky and had a home cooked meal.  My mom makes this delicious taco fondue..I will have to get the recipe (but it tends to vary each time we make it!).  I made mine into a taco salad with salsa, tomatos onions and a little sour cream dollop on top.  Sorry no picture :-(  AND to be honest, I know this is a healthy living body but I want to be honest and say that you will see  treats, plenty of them!  My mom and I baked brownies and topped them with a low fat vanilla fro yo..yum yum yum :-)
I had some Stacy’s Simply Sea Salt Pita Chips as a night time snack…I know this day isn’t the epitome of health but hey who’s perfect?!  I certainly never said I was!  Off to bed :-)

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